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The Sheffield Down Syndrome Support Group (SHEDS) is a support group for families who have a child with Down's syndrome and live in and around Sheffield. Our aim is for families to provide advice, support and friendship to each other and to exchange information on how to best support our children.


SHEDS has been in existence for over 10 years. The group is not a registered charity but is a voluntary support group affiliated to the national Down's Syndrome Association. Our members raise funds for our activities through sponsored activities, and we have also occasionally received contributions from local businesses.

We meet once a month for an informal coffee morning (or family get-together) at The Burton Street Foundation as well as hosting our weekly Baby & Toddler Group in Greenhill. 

The monthly gathering is open to all families who have a child with Down's syndrome, irrespective of their age, and siblings are welcome to come and play too. We also organise family outings, a summer picnic, play-dates in the park, an annual visit to the Panto at the Lyceum, as well as a Christmas party.

We also have a Facebook Group that welcomes new members.

You can contact us for more information here:

We are passionate about inclusion – in schools, in communities, in sport, in advertising – in everything

Our Mission

To provide a community of friendship, sharing and inclusivity in Sheffield and the surrounding area for families that have a child with Down's syndrome.

Our Mission

What we offer:

- Monthly informal get-togethers that give parents a chance to chat and exchange advice whilst children play

- We offer information packs for prospective parents of children with Down's syndrome

- We are always here to speak to prospective parents and new parents of children with Down's syndrome

- Community, support and friendship.

We Need Your Support Today!

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